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Cartech Plenums

Cartech has been making upper intake plenums for the Ford Mustang since 1987. We've had lots of success with them on supercharged, turbocharged, nitrous oxide, and high rpm engines. They make good power from 3000 rpm and up, they are easy to install and make adjusting your rocker arms simple. This upper intake manifold, known as the "Bread Box", was first available in black on our turbo cars. It fits the stock lower intake manifold. It works great for 30 to 40 hp at 10 psi of boost over a long runner style upper intake manifold. The plenum comes powder coated black, but is available in other colors or it's natural finish upon request.

The truck plenum is known as the 'Hurricane Box' and has the same features as the Cartech plenum, but is good from 3,000 to 8,000 RPM's.  This plenum has the 302 EFI truck bolt pattern and comes in powder coated or natural finish.


Description Part # Retail Price
Cartech 5.0 Plenum


GT-40 Plenum Box CAR-Bennett $367.00
Truck Plenum











Sheet Metal Upper Intakes

This is The Ultimate Blower / Turbo and big cubic inch Intake! Features large plenum volume, equal runners, and 340 cfm capability.  Removable top plenum for easy access to engine, rails, and etc. This is the part featured in the December 1998 issue of Muscle Mustangs and Fast Fords!
Click here for install instructions


Description Part # Retail Price
Ultimate Blower Turbo Intake


Custom Intake




Aluminum Battery Box

The Battery Box is made of 0.090"  thick, heat treated aluminum. It measures 8.0" wide by 12.0" long and 9.0" high.
Battery box comes with the battery hold down, two bolt lid, and two 3/8" holes for mounting to the frame of the car. This Battery Box is N.H.R.A. legal!


Description Part # Retail Price
Aluminum Battery Box








Aluminum Firewall Panel

Made from 0.040" thick aluminum with a brushed or polished finish. The firewall panel covers holes left in the firewall when the a/c, heater core and pollution controls are removed.


Description Part # Retail Price
Aluminum Firewall Panel







Aluminum Radiator Bracket

The Cartech original, designed to hold factory and aftermarket radiators down without using the ugly stock brackets. This radiator bracket is easy to install and does not require modifying the stock one to make it fit, nor does it require any drilling for installation. Made from 0.090" aluminum, it comes in many finishes. Available for both stock and aftermarket radiators are the following finishes:
Anodized red or blue *  Brushed aluminum * Cartech Racing logo * Your Logo
Some finishes can be combined, call for further details.
Click here for Installation Instructions




Description Part # Retail Price
Aluminum Radiator Bracket





Vortech A.B.S.R.T. Brace

This brace is used to prevent the stock Vortech Brackets from flexing. If you have problems with throwing belts or tracking, this brace will solve your problem. It is for solid motor mounts only.      


Description Part # Retail Price
Vortech A.B.S.R.T Brace







Throttle Spacer

This plate is made for those who have aftermarket fuel injection systems or factory injection that no longer require an EGR. The Cartech Throttle Spacers allow the user to remove the 2.0" spacer for clearance of tall valve cover. This throttle spacer is made of 1/4" thick heat treated 6061-T6 aluminum, and is very lightweight and looks great.


Description Part # Retail Price
Throttle Spacer








A-Pillar Mounts

A Cartech original from our '88 GT top speed car! These are specially positioned so that the driver can keep his or her eye in the same plane as the road while driving. No more looking down at your gauge! They are finished in black and come in single or dual mounts.



Description Part # Retail Price
Mustang '87 to '95 Single Mount


Mustang '87 to '95 Dual Mount 210must-dual $21.00
Mustang '79 to '93 Single Mount (2 5/8") 210single2 $15.00
BMW M3 Single Gauge Mount 210BMWsingle $15.00
Eclipse '90 to '94 Single Mount










By-pass Valves

HKS Racing Bypass Valve
This is a fully adjustable by-pass / surge valve for higher boost applications. 12 to 14 psi


Description Part # Retail Price
HKS Racing By-pass valve






Surge Valve
The surge valve below is great for applications up to 12 psi.  This surge valve is not adjustable.


Description Part # Retail Price
Surge Valve







Boost Gauges

The Cartech Boost Gauge comes with a black face and white numbers. You can choose between 20 or 30 psi boost readings. The boost gauge also reads down to 30 hg of vacuum, and also comes with a green light kit. All Boost gauges have the Cartech logo. Gauges with a white face and black numbers can be special ordered. The Boost gauge comes with red or green light bulbs.


Description Part # Retail Price
Cartech Boost Gauge 20 psi


Cartech Boost Gauge 30 psi 260k2c4-22x $79.00
Greddy Pro-Fec B








Catch Can

Replace your plastic overflow with our aluminum Race Catch Can or our street version for your dressed up ride.


Description Part # Retail Price
Cartech Race Catch Can


Cartech Street Catch Can






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