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Experience & Background: Who is Cartech?

Cartech began as a manufacturer of aftermarket turbo systems in 1977 with their first shop in Dallas, Texas. The company has grown to enjoy an international reputation for the design and manufacture of high performance automotive components. The position achieved as a recognized authority regarding turbocharger applications has led to being hired by several major racing teams as an engineering consultant. Among the successful efforts were the 1986 IMSA GTU class championship Porsche 924 Turbo, the SCCA Escort Series champ in 1994 with the Nissan 300ZX, a Bonneville record setting Mazda RX-7, a 6-time NMRA Outlaw Mustang champion, and a 3-time NMRA Renegade Mustang champion.

Cartech’s responsibility is to sort through the engineering confusion and marketing circumstances and select the best tool for the specific job.  That's just one of the areas where background and experience allow Cartech to create the BEST forced induction hardware available today. Today, Cartech produces hardware ranging from street application turbocharger systems to specialized drag racing fuel system components. Cartech moved from Dallas to San Antonio in 1991 and is currently housed in a 6,000 square foot facility. Products designed and manufactured by Cartech have been featured in over 120 magazine articles over a span of twenty-five years, the latest being a feature in the May 2002 issue of “5.0 Mustang and Super Fords Magazine”. Cartech enjoys a preeminent market position in the aftermarket turbocharger system business, as well as aftermarket intercoolers and fuel systems.

Comments From the Press:

Over the past twenty-five years Cartech has enjoyed more than 120 magazine feature articles. Collected here are just a few of the comments:

        5.0 Mustang and Super Fords' Steve Statham on the Cartech 94-95 Mustang Turbo System (May 2002)

        Overboost.com on the Cartech NSX Turbo System (April 2000)

        Bruce Nomura Tuning on the Cartech NSX Turbo System (April 2000)

        NSXchange's Bryan Chow & Richard Freidman on the Cartech NSX Turbo System

        Autoweek's Steve Statham on the Cartech NSX Turbo System (March 1995)

        Motor Trend's Rick Titus on the Cartech Supra Turbo:

 "Quality exceeds that of OEM."

"A Toyota Supra Turbo that goes ballistic."

"Clean, well planned installations."

"Sets new standards for aftermarket engineering."

        Automobile Magazine's William Jeanes, on the Cartech Supra:

"Turbocharging is Cartech's specialty, they do it carefully and well."

        Car Craft's C. Van Tune about our Mustang 5.0 turbo:

"The engineering magic behind this potent pony comes from Cartech
of San Antonio."

        Road & Track's Andrew Bornhop regarding the Mustang 5.0 turbo:

"San Antonio based Cartech has blossomed into a leading aftermarket
turbo technology firm."
"Think about 177mph for a moment, fairly quick is an understatement."

        Turbo & High Tech Performance's Jeff Hartman on the Cartech Twin Turbo NSX:

"The boost gauge swings instantly toward five psi and the outside world begins
to blur. The NSX now has the horsepower to play hard ball in the big leagues."

        Autoweek's Bill Lovell, on Cartech's RX-7 Turbo:

"It looks more factory than the factory."
"Two seconds faster than the factory turbo."

        Rotary Rocket Magazine's Dick Turner about the Cartech Turbocharged RX-7:

"To set the record straight, I've probably driven 500 RX-7's with every type of
go fast gadget you can imagine. I can promise you this, the Cartech RX-7 is the
fastest car of its type I have ever driven."

        Road & Track's Ted West on the Cartech Honda CRX Turbo:

"No other way to put it, pretty wonderful."



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