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Jeep Wrangler Turbo System

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Jeep Wrangler Turbo Parts

There is little doubt among car enthusiasts that the Wrangler is a fun vehicle to own & drive. There is little doubt that a 250 bhp Wrangler would raise that fun to a new level. Enjoying turbo performance in the Wrangler is a reality. The long term durability of the entire package is also a reality. Powerful, with perfect driveability, yet simple and serviceable. We are currently only offering the turbo manifold and intercooler for DIY projects.

The Wrangler system features:

Turbo Exhaust Manifold

3" Bar-Plate Intercooler

The RWHP, as measured by the DynoJet chassis dynamometer, for the stock 97 development car was 152 hp. With the turbo, power levels of 222 rwhp were achieved (all items configured exactly as the system is packaged and offered for sale). This figure was recorded using the original exhaust system aft of the turbo. The engine equivalent 222 rwhp is 250 bhp. Low speed torque of the turbo is superb. The turbo will achieve 7 psi boost at just 2,500 rpm and will maintain it to the redline.


Description Part # Retail Price
Wrangler Turbo Manifold CAR 94555 $695.00
Ceramic Coating   $300.00
Wrangle Turbo Intercooler   $695.00




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