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Cartech Fuel Pump Plate

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Parts List & Instructions for Fuel Pump Plate

Description:                             Qty:                   Notes:
Fuel Pump Plate                        1                      Mounts to rear bumper
Bracket Spacers                       4
10/32 x 1 1/8" Cap Screws      4
10/32 Nylock Nuts                  4
1/4" x " S.S. Cap Screws      2
1/4" SAE Flat Washers            2
1/4" x 3/4" S.S. Cap Screws    2
1/4" Fender Washers               2
1/4 Nylock Nuts                      4

1) This bracket can be installed anywhere you see fit, providing the pump is lower that the fuel outlet. On race cars mount the plate on the rear bumper with the pump first and filter last. Mount the (optional) billet brackets using the " OD Spacers between the brackets and plate (only if using larger S/X filter). Use the 10/32 x 1 1/8" long allen head bolts and 10/32 nylock nuts to secure brackets to plate. We suggest attaching essex brackets around the pump as required before tightening the bracket to the plate. +++We also recommend that you put on a screen before the pump possibly on the pick up tube, fuel cell, or sump plate and run the filter after the pump.+++

2) Using the -10 to -10 Union provided install o-rings on both sides of this fitting and screw into the pump outlet. (See below) Screw the filter into the pump until tight. Install filter bracket according to S/X instructions, and bolt to the plate using the 1/4" x " Allen Head Bolts ans 1/4" nylock nuts. It is not necessary to use the washers here.

3) Once the pump and filter are in place, straighten all brackets and tighten down permanently to the plate.

4) Take the pump plate and mount it under the rear bumper using the two holes (located in the center of bumper) with the 1/4" x 1" long bolts. Make sure that the large fender washer is on the aluminum plate side. No other bolts are needed to hold the plate in place. Once the plate is bolted on, run your lines and wires to the pump.

5) Turn the pump on ans check for leaks before driving the car. Never use any sealant on tapered side of fittings, as this can cause leaks.

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