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Cartech Stage I & II Fuel Systems

Our Fuel Systems are the most complete systems on the market today. With two research and development vehicles running in many of the Ford Racing events, testing is always ongoing.

The Stage I and Stage II fuels systems both use a single Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump and filter, with stainless braided -8 (1/2") feed lines and -6 (3/8") return. The biggest difference between the two is the fuel rails. Stage I is perfect for individuals who already have rails and a regulator. Stage II utilizes the 5/8" I.D. billet aluminum rails with a billet Aeromotive adjustable regulator. Stage II-M uses the USCG Certified Marine pump, Stage II-E uses the upgraded Eliminator pump, and the Stage II-P uses the upgraded Pro-Series pump.

You can purchase the items in a kit form or separately. The following pages also contain a diagram on how to route your fuel system, and the components needed to complete your application.
Click Here for Installation Instructions


Description Part # Retail Price
Stage I Fuel System CAR-83000 $945.00
Stage II Fuel System CAR-84000  $1,250.00
Stage II-M Fuel System   $1,300.00
Stage II-E Fuel System   $1,395.00
Stage II-P Fuel System   $1,665.00


Cartech Renegade Stage III Fuel System

Do you have a 600 plus hp street mustang?  Then the Cartech Renegade Stage III Fuel System is perfect for you! This kit includes the Cartech pick up tube, synthetic filter, twin Pierburg pumps (255LPH @ 90psi), -8 feed line, -6 return line, Cartech 5/8" ID billet aluminum fuel rails, Aeromotive EFI billet regulator, relay kit, adel clamps, all hose ends and instructions!  These pumps are the quietest and most reliable on the market today. This kit is capable of supporting over 1000 hp and is a true daily driver fuel system! The Stage III Renegade system can also be ordered with twin external Walbro pumps (255 LPH @ 70psi).
Click Here For installation instructions


Description Part # Retail Price
Stage 3 Renegade Fuel System CAR-90000 $1,495.00
Stage 3 Walbro Externals CAR-90000 $1,295.00



Fuel Pick Up Tube

A Cartech original, developed in 1989 for the Mustang and T-Bird. The pick up tube is for cars that need more than the stock, in tank, pumps can provide. The tube allows the user to run an external hi-volume pump with your factory unmodified fuel tank. Inside all E.F.I. tanks there is a baffled tube that keeps fuel from moving away from the pick up area. The Cartech pick up tube also allows you to keep a screen in front of the fuel pump, the way it was engineered. This helps to prevent the user from installing the filter before the pump. The fuel pick up tube is made from aircraft aluminum and welded on a jig for accurate reproduction. The foot at the bottom of the 1/2" feed tube allows the use of the factory Ford screen located on the end of the original pump assembly. No modification is needed to install, the the pick up tube uses factory o-ring and retainer.
Installation instructions - Click here


Description Part # Retail Price
Fuel Pick Up Tube CAR-21005  $100.00



Fuel Rails

Our fuel rails are of the highest quality found anywhere! The rail material is 6061-T6 aluminum alloy and can be brushed, anodized red or blue, and etched with our logo. These larger rails (5/8") are designed for those racers making more than 600 hp at the engine or for the show car enthusiast.

Why 600 hp or more? We found that the stock rails work up to approximately 610/625 on the dyno with our fuel rail fittings. We've tested Y- blocks to the back of each rail with one big pump and also two smaller pumps. We cut the rails and welded fittings on all four corners. None of these efforts allowed us to move enough fuel to the injectors to make more power. The need for fuel pulsing reduction in the rail and increasing the injector's reservoir became apparent about 600 BHP.

These rails are designed to clear factory and MSD distributors and all available brands of injector clips ( i.e.. Electromotive, Haltech, Ford, and Digital Fuel Injection) so that no cutting or grinding is necessary. All fuel entry and exit holes are drilled and tapped to 3/8 National Pipe Thread ( NPT ) to accept a -10, -8 or -6 fittings. The injector holes are drilled then reamed, with a shoulder left at the very top to insure that the user cannot push the injectors too far into the rail and cause leakage.

The Fuel Rails also come with all the necessary mounting brackets that allow you to mount them in the same location as your factory rails, using the original bolts. A set of four 1/4" aluminum spacers are provided for distributor clearance. For example, the original Ford unit and large MSD unit use them, however the small distributors do not.
Click here to see installation instructions




Regular rails, Blue rails w/ logo, Red rails w/ Logo


Description Part # Retail Price
5.0 Fuel Rails (set) CAR-20200 $150.00
4.6 Fuel Rails (set) ARO-14103 $215.00

           Please specify if for a '94, '95, or Cobra's 96 to 98**


Aeromotive Racing Fuel Pumps

The Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump is made from billet aluminum with the heat sink and brackets built in. This pump is anodized with a red finish featuring -10 inlets and outlets, the pump is rated at 90 gph @ 45 psi. Good to approximately 800 HP. The USCG Marine pump is a technology upgraded A1000, certified for industrial and marine applications with the same flow of 90 gph @ 45 psi. The Eliminator pump flows 35% more fuel than the A1000 and is rated at 123 gph @ 45 psi, has a -12 inlet, and a -10 outlet. The Eliminator is good to approximately 1100 HP. The Pro-Series pump is rated at 167 gph @ 45 psi, has -12 inlets and outlets and is good to approximately 1450 HP. With years of severe testing you cannot find a better value.


Description Part # Retail Price
A1000 Fuel Pump CAR-80000 $306.00
USCG Marine Pump   $353.00
Eliminator Pump   $454.00
Pro-Series Pump   $618.00



Fuel Pumps

One of the biggest problems people with hi-performance engines face is fuel delivery. From top fuel dragsters down to the slightly modified street car. It seems some people never take into account that when adding more air to the engine , you must have fuel to go with it to make power. One without the other will not create power; you must have both, and the right amount. It is urgent your fuel system keep up with the demands of a performance engine, both in volume and pressure. The first step is to choose the right fuel pump. Most manufacturers rate their pumps at a certain pressure. The chart below will show you the effects of fuel flow, versus pressure rated fuel flow. All models were tested by this company with a consistent 12 volt charging system.

Pump Name Vortech T-Rex Bosch EKP 4 NOS 15764 Comp U Car Aeromotive S/X 18201
psi     0 120 n/a 57 120 130 120
        10 110 n/a 52 112 125 110
        20 100 n/a 48 101 120 100
        30 90 n/a 45 89 110 90
        40 80 52 42 78 95 80
        50 70 47 38 69 90 75
        60 60 45 35 61 80 70
        70 50 41 30 49 75 65
        80 40 39 26 40 65 55
        90 30 37 23 29 60 45

We carry the Pierburg Hi Pressure Fuel Pump. These are the same ones we use in our supercharger and turbocharger kits. They also work for low horsepower applications as well.





     Pierburg Pump           Aeromotive Fuel Pump


Description Part # Retail Price
Pierburg Hi Pressure Fuel Pump CAR-7-21659-62 $241.00
Aeromotive Fuel Pump CAR-80000 $306.00





Fuel Pump Mounting Plate

Three plates to choose from; a single Bosch booster pump bracket, an Aeromotive - S/X - or Paxton, or a dual plate. Made from 0.090" aluminum sheet and comes complete with stainless steel mounting bolts.


Description Part # Retail Price
Single Pump Mount CAR-80011 $22.00
Dual Pump Mount CAR-80012 $32.00



Injector Bosses

Want to convert your carbureted intake to fuel injection, or add additional injectors to your motor? These weld-in Injector Bosses are what you need! Ready to weld onto any aluminum intake manifold. Made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum alloy. These are for the bottom mount only.


Description Part # Retail Price
Injector Bosses


$18.00 Ea






Aeromotive Adjustable EFI Fuel Pressure Regulator

This regulator features an adjustable static fuel pressure, boost sensitive with a lock nut and stat-o-seal washers to insure positive pressure.  The regulator comes with two #10 inlets and one #6 outlet with machine threads and o-rings.  The regulator is made from billet aluminum and anodized red.  The regulator also comes with a mounting bracket, however the fittings and o-rings are sold separately.


Description Part # Retail Price
Aeromotive EFI Regulator CAR-80002 $150.00




Cartech Racing Fuel Filter

The fuel filter has a #10 inlet along with a #10 outlet. The element measures 4 5/8"  long and filters to 8 microns.
The element is synthetic and can be used with all fuels. The Filter comes with the largest internal element for it's size available. The filter is also anodized red and has a 6061 T-6 billet.


Description Part # Retail Price
Fuel Filter CAR-22099 $79.00



Replacement Element

The replacement element measures 4 5/8" long and filters to 8 microns. Elements need to be replaced every year and/or every 10,000 miles. Easy replacement! All the user needs to do is unscrew one end of the filter cap and drop it in.


Description Part # Retail Price
Replacement Element CAR-22026-625 $16.00


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