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Exhaust Manifolds

High quality ductile iron manifolds for the T4 and T3 style and other popular turbo styles. All of our manifolds can be machined for T3 or T4. Please specify turbo flange when ordering. Don't be fooled by overpriced imitations and copies. We are the originators of these manifolds and have been making some for 20+ years. Call for more details.






Description Part # Retail Price
BMW 6 Cylinder 3.5L  M30 Manifold CAR-09001 $495.00
BMW 4 Cylinder 2.0L M10 (320 & 2002) CAR-20079 $485.00
BMW 6 Cylinder 2.5L M20 Manifold CAR-09002 $495.00
BMW 6 Cylinder E36 Manifold CAR-32602 $795.00
'79-'95 Ford Turbo Header CAR-90002 $695.00
'87-'92 Toyota Supra Manifold CAR-29928 $695.00
Datsun Z Car Exh. Manifold CAR-15002 Call


Exhaust Components

Available in 18, 16, and 14 gauge. The enthusiast can can custom fabricate discharge tubing and exhaust with these mandrel bends and flanges.  Stainless steel and aluminum available upon request. Call for more info on those u-bends and elbows. We carry both standard radius and hard to find tight radius bends.


Description Part # Retail Price
1.25" Mild Steel U-Bend 160Ub11425 $11.00  
1.50" Mild Steel U-Bend 160Ub11225 $12.00
1.75" Mild Steel U-Bend 160Ub1343 $13.00
2.0" Mild Steel U-Bend-tight radius 160Ub2003-16 $12.00
2.0" Mild Steel U-Bend-large radius 160Ub2004 $16.00
2.25" Mild Steel U-Bend 160Ub2144512 $15.00
2.5" Mild Steel U-Bend 160Ub2124 $16.00
3.0" Mild Steel U-Bend 160Ub3006 $30.00
4.0" Mild Steel U-Bend 160Ubpl $75.00
2.0"  MS 90 deg. Elbow 160Ab20090 $13.50
2.25"  MS 90 deg. Elbow 16011P-225 $30.00
2.5" Mild Steel 90 deg. Elbow 160ab25090 $18.00


Flanges & Gaskets

We carry flanges and gaskets for several styles of turbos. All of our flanges are laser cut from 1/2" mild or stainless steel. We can also provide you with custom plasma or laser cut flanges for any pattern you desire. Most varieties of our gaskets come in both high heat graphite and stainless steel construction. We also carry flanges for V-band and Ball-socket joints (not shown).

Flanges for Mustangs        TO4 Downpipe                    Compressor Inlet


Turbine Outlet                 Oil drain gaskets


Description Part # Retail Price
Turbine Inlet Gasket 28030143 $12.00
Turbine Outlet Gasket 28030142s $16.00
Oil Drain Gasket 28030141 $6.00
T04 Oil Drain Gasket 28021003 $6.00
Wastegate Gasket 28021002 $9.00
Turbine Inlet Flange (no holes) 1105 $14.00
Ford Downpipe Flange 1109 $20.00
Wastegate Flange 11013 $11.00
Wastegate Flange w/ Holes 11014 $13.00
Square Tube Header Flange 110HS $37.00
Round Tube Header Flange 110HR $37.00
2 1/4" Tailpipe Flange 11012 $17.00
2 1/2" Tailpipe Flange 11011 $17.00




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